Kennel Name: Johbai Roll of Thunder
Born 20th of February 2012
Owned and loved by Craig and Yvonne Lancaster

Tyson, along with Craig and Yvonne, joined RVTG at the beginning of June 2013. His first time in the water was at Lakeside, Doncaster, when two RVTG members took him into the water to see how he liked it: he just jumped straight in and started to swim – he loved it!
Tyson passed his A and has been working hard towards his B. Tyson has the typical Newfoundland stubborn streak but Craig, Yvonne and the rest of RVTG are helping towards getting him to a C…..
Tyson is the typical Newfoundland dog: when out and about in town he gets lots of fuss and attention and he just loves it! At home Tyson loves to sit and watch TV –  anything with animals on it, especially horses! If he’s not watching TV he’s normally snoring very loudly so you always know where he is.

Yvonne is also Rother’s very own baker…. watch out Mary Berry!