We train our dogs throughout the year – water rescue in the warmer months of Spring and Summer, and draught (carting) in the colder months of Autumn and Winter.

10629674_750309011673108_2372378388131128133_nNewfies have a reputation for an instinctive knowledge of water rescue, and certainly there have been many stories throughout history of Newfies performing rescues without any prior training. However some puppies and even older Newfies who come to Rother don’t like the water at first, but this should not put you off. We have had Newfies hate the water at first but who now absolutely love it and don’t want to get back on land! Some Newfies have an excellent natural ability to perform quickly whatever you ask of them in the water and on land….. however our experience is that most Newfies are extremely stubborn, have selective hearing, and like 12107120_987326851304655_2971986909904949272_nto frustrate their owners!

Most of our members train for the NNC water and draught tests, but we also build upon these elements when we train for public demonstrations and activities.

Our members find training for both tests and demonstrations fun. We have all gained such a lot out of working with our Newfies towards something that is a recognised achievement, such as the water and draught tests. We welcome Newfy owners whether they wish to train for tests or not, but it can be very rewarding working with your Newfy towards unlocking their potential for more complex water rescue and draught work.

You can find information about our training on the following pages:

Water training

Draught training