Coltrana Trueman’s Shadow, born 17th October 2008, passed to rainbow bridge on 17th March 2015, aged 6.

10626343_899969290032037_5934157591216035047_oRufus was Dave and Becky Trueman’s first Newf, and he was a little terror! He was always a mischievous little man, and he always wanted to play and be with you. He used to terrorise his sister Shelby!

Rufus was not the easiest dog to train but he grew into a fantastic working dog. He first came to Rother at around 6 months old, and never looked back. He just absolutely loved the water, and swum in lakes and rivers all across the UK. He was also an excellent demonstration dog and could be seen leaping from the boat or towing many people at once.

1010896_1228643090608369_1004849447_nIt took a little longer for Rufus to take to draught, as for a couple of years he used to just like racing with the cart on (giving his mum very bad ‘carter’s leg’)! With patience and training, he grew to really enjoy working in the cart, and he really got a lot out of Christmas tree pulls, giving rides to children, and even collecting and pulling firewood! He could be naughty at times, but when he got into that draught ring he showed great control and obedience.

Rufus was the first Newfoundland to achieve both Level 4 and Section E diplomas in draught and water, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014. A video was made for this by Paul DeCouto. He left us far too soon at only age 6, due to Lymphoma which he fought bravely. We continue to miss him at Rother.

Dave and Becky made a video tribute to Rufus here.

Rufus with Dave and Becky